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Couples’ Cart: Enjoy Pillow Talk in Style!

9 Sep

Now that we’re about to become husband and wife, I’m especially on the hunt for new his and hers accessories for our home. (I love ANYTHING personalized.) This week my obsession has been pillowcases. We spend a lot of time watching movies and talking in bed, so I thought it’d be a fun new addition to our bedroom. Plus, Hubby 2 Be drools, and Wifey 2 Be (that’s me!) hates getting stuck with his pillow and listening to him lie and say it’s not his pillow!

Here are a few of my favorite couple-friendly finds. Maybe they’ll work for your bedroom scheme too, or maybe you’d rather just help me decide on which set to add to ours!

His and Her Pillow Cases

I narrowed it down to these favorites.

  1. Yours and Mine Pillowcases (Knock Knock Studio, $45)
  2. Mr. and Mrs. French Burlap Pillow Slips (FunkyShique $54)
  3. Personalized Silhouette Portrait Pillowcases (Plumage Etc., $40)
  4. Mr. and Mrs. Pillowcases (Kirby’s Loft, $23)
  5. His and Hers Pillowcases (Brightandbold.com, $22.95)
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