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What’s On YOUR Bucket List?

10 Sep

I just stumbled across this surprisingly inspirational and fun site that lets you create, share, and manage your personal Bucket List. (It’s called BucketList.org!) I had never officially written one of those “Things to Do Before I Die” lists, so I was sort of intrigued. I gave it a try, and it takes seconds to get going and it was actually kind of interesting.  I began building my own list (complete with motivational photos and videos) and the site even lets you browse other people’s lists to get inspired. Getting married has always been something I said I would like to do, so it looks like that’s at least one task I’m about to knock off my brand-spanking-new bucket list. I’m sure we could all list a million things we’d like to do before our time is up, but for me, the fun was in picking a short list of things I know I will actually try to accomplish and will REALLY enjoy once I do. This list is by no means finished, but hey, it’s a start. For now, I think I’ll work on seeking out that one great bag worth blowing my entire budget on or planning my next domestic getaway. (Chicago, maybe?) Here’s my list! Now, tell me what’s on yours?

Charli Penn's Bucket List

The Wife's Bucket List. (A work in progress.)

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